Albany Church of
Who We Are ... And Who We Are Becoming

Adopted by the Father

Based on the Word

Centered on Christ

Dwelled-in by the Spirit

Engaged in the World

Fellowshipping One Another

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Our Roots

Our church has been part of the community of Albany, Texas since 1921.  Our
historical roots are in the American Restoration Movement, a "Back to the Bible"
movement whose earliest leaders sought to be "Not the Only Christians, but
Christians Only."  Relying on God's Spirit guided by His Word, we are attempting to
become a true first century church in the 21st century.

Our Church is Served By:

Our Leadership Team and Ministry Leaders:
Worship :Ronnie Baker
Fellowship:  Ronnie Baker and Cory Brown
Family Care:  Guy McCain, Bill Ruff, and Robert Hudman
Spiritual Formation:  Doug Neece and Cory Brown
Outreach Team Servant: Doug Neece
Facilities:  Bill Ruff, Robert Hudman, and Guy McCain

Our Minister and Wife:  Sonny and Kayla McCauley

Our Youth & Children's Co-ordinators:  Doug & Kim Neece
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Albany Church of Christ
417 N. Main; P.O. Box 2799 Albany, TX 76430 (325) 762-2078
Church is Community

The church is a community of God’s redeemed people. We need one another, and we
need to be there for one another. We provide opportunities each week for worship,
study, and fellowship. We think it’s important to arrange our schedules so that we can
participate in as many of these as possible.
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